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Short Term Rental Riches

Dec 1, 2020

We’ve talked about the importance of having your short-term rentals on multiple online listing platforms (OTA’s). It increases your listing’s exposure and thus your occupancy! But not all listing sites are the same. This week Tim reviews insights he gained from an hour long meeting directly with an inside account manager at VRBO. If you are already using VRBO or considering using their platform then this episode is for you. They’ll break down:

  • Their fees for listing your property with them
  • How to get more reviews
  • How to boost your search rankings drastically


Did you miss our live event? Well good news, we recorded it :)

In the recording we’ll review multiple case studies of Tim’s actual properties! You’ll get his EXACT resources, copywriting he uses with guests, policies, and his essential tips for setting up your short-term rental business so that you can live wherever you want.

The recording offers a crash course in just two days with everything you need to know to find, acquire and operate a short-term rental with passive operations. Find our latest live webinar recording available here -

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