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Short Term Rental Riches

Mar 7, 2023

There is a lot to learn in the short-term rental industry. The environment is constantly changing; new tools, tips, markets to look for, and best practices to incorporate into your short-term rental (or your upcoming purchase).

Too much to learn in fact that there is no way for me to process it all myself. So to change things up a bit, I've decided to bring on a few other experts in the space in the coming weeks.

And if I had to name one of the industry’s most well known experts… a man that literally wrote the book on, that would be Jasper Ribbers.

Jasper is the host of one of the industry’s top podcasts; “Get Paid for your Pad” and also wrote the book Get Paid for Your Pad years ago before many even knew what Airbnb was!

In fact, I read Jasper’s book years ago before I got started with my first Airbnb. This week’s interview is packed full of EXPERT tips.

Everything from why you should have an “ammo box” in your rental to how you can have a long lasting, successful partnership.

Join us as I discuss with a friend and fellow short term rental expert more on: 

  • Maximizing your experience at in-person conferences

  • Why being a “digital nomad” has changed

  • Midterm stay rental platforms and their potential evolution

  • Tips for working with a partner 

  • Tips for someone getting started today! 

  • Future outlook of the STR industry

  • Having an “ammo box” in all of your rentals 

  • What living a “RICH” life really means

Make sure to catch Jasper on his popular podcast: “Get Paid for Your Pad.”

If you want to listen to the episode where Jasper interviewed Tim over two years ago you can listen in here from December 2020 episode #363. The crazy thing is… even though it's been years since the interview, the content we discussed is still relevant! Like predicting higher interest rates for example… 

You can also find out how to work with Jasper and his partner Eric by going to . There you will have more info on their excellent coaching programs, resources, and much more.

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