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Short Term Rental Riches

Mar 30, 2021

You may have heard prior episodes where I talk about the benefits of owning your properties vs. sub-leasing them. Well, I still think owning them is the end-all goal but for many, lease arbitrage IS an easier way to get in the game. 

It’s an easier way to make great (potential) cash-flow without having a lot of money up front. It’s also a great way for an investor to hold on to their capital and learn the business at the same time before investing in short-term rentals. I came to a great agreement with an owner to rent what was once a historic hotel and I want to share some details with you in this episode but also the essentials you must have in your lease if you’re going the lease arbitrage route. Last week we talked about the numbers, this week let’s talk about the lease terms

  • Negotiating your lease arbitrage terms
  • What you MUST HAVE to protect yourself
  • What’s included in the lease
  • How long is it, options to extend? 
  • Why lease arbitrage can be a great option for many
  • The operations - are they different?

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