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Short Term Rental Riches

May 30, 2023

One of the biggest components of a short-term rental is the turnover between guests and all that dirty laundry.
Sometimes you can hardly tell your guests even used the linens and others, well…

I’ll let your imagination run with that one

Either way it’s something we have to deal with and the bigger the property the more laundry we have. For some of us it’s pretty easy; your housekeeper shows up, throws it in the washer, cleans the property and has fresh linens to replace before they’re done cleaning. But for others properties this isn’t so easy…

What happens if you have 3+ bedrooms?

There is too much laundry for one load, so what happens then? Well maybe you’re housekeeper thinks they can fit it all in one… so they try anyway. Or maybe it’s obvious they’re going to do multiple loads so they end up waiting around for the second load to finish even after they’ve finished cleaning the property. Whether you’re working with a professional housekeeping company or paying someone on your team directly the more laundry you have the more it’s going to cost you. That’s a no brainer right. So what do we do?

I’ve learned a ton about laundry over the days managing tens out thousands of guests with my team. Even to the point where I purchased a commercial building and brought in industrial sized laundry machines on forklifts.

Those babies can handle whatever we throw at em’

They’re bolted to the concrete to make sure they don’t spin out of control and run through the wall.

While this is a natural progression for many growing larger portfolios, for others just getting started, we also need other alternatives. This week we talk about those alternatives. Stay tuned as we break down your laundry options for your short term rental:

  • Challenges doing laundry in your property
  • Wear and tear and the life of your machines
  • Housekeeping costs
  • Off-site options, worth it?

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