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Short Term Rental Riches

May 16, 2023

Even if an older, short-term rental property is not perfect in terms of its amenities or aesthetics, it can still earn perfect five-star reviews on Airbnb.

It can still outperform a brand new, well-designed competing property by leveraging five key concepts.

The money is in the details.

On a last-minute trip to Miami for a friends wedding I stayed at a guest house in a nice little neighborhood near my friends wedding venue.

The neighborhood was nice but the property… egh, not so nice.

But it had everything I needed.

It met my expectations.

One slight little hiccup however, and it would have been really easy to slip this Airbnb a less than perfect review.

I left a glowing 5-start review though for 5 basic reasons!

All of which we’ll cover in this weeks episode.

Stay tuned as we dive into the five things you can do to make sure your non-perfect property gets perfect reviews—everytime.

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