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Short Term Rental Riches

Apr 18, 2023

There is a lot to learn in the short term rental industry. The environment is constantly changing; new tools, tips, markets to look for, and best practices to incorporate into your short term rental (or your upcoming purchase.

Too much to learn in fact that there is no way for me to process it all myself. So to change things up a bit i’ve decided to bring on a few other experts in the space.

This week we meet with Jonathan Farber. John is the real deal. He also happens to spend half of his year in Medellin, Colombia where I ran into him and have had the pleasure to meet up with several times afterwards for dinner and drinks.

I’ll let John tell his own story on the episode but just know that he brings some EXPERT tips. Join us this week as we discuss with a fellow short term rental expert: 

  • Why having virtual team members is necessary

  • Best practices for hiring your own VA

  • How your team can “train themselves”

  • How traditional management can hurt (or crush) your STR returns

  • The current economic and industry outlook 

  • What it means to live a “Rich” life

Make sure to catch Johnathan on his popular podcast - Millennial Millionaires. You can also find out how to work with John and have real estate deals hand picked for you by going to: 

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