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Short Term Rental Riches

Apr 4, 2023

Your short-term rental operations don’t stop the moment your guests check out. Nope. 

Actually, in many ways, they are just beginning. Much like a new born baby you have to care, protect, and monitor your STR for its whole life.

You have to make sure it stays clean. You have to make sure it stays smoke-free. You have to make sure that it's warm when it needs to be and cool when it’s heating up outside. And much like how a child's experiences impact its future experiences—so do guest bookings. 

Every single reservation that comes through your property impacts future bookings in the way of a review. Over time, your property builds a solid foundation (hopefully a positive one) and allows for the good times to keep on coming.

So in a way, while a short-term rental and a baby may seem like two very different things, both require a significant amount of attention and care to ensure that they live out successful and enjoyable lives.

So yes, if you have a short-term rental, you have something that needs to be cared for! This week in part 4 of our management series, we’ll break down all the things you need to know after your guest leaves your property.

And if you have someone else managing your property—hopefully they are doing these things as well. Your future pocket book depends on it. 


Stay tuned as I break down for you:

  • Managing your property AFTER a reservation

  • Turnover Operations

    • Housekeeping 

    • Maintenance 

    • Resolutions and charges

  • Monitoring Performance 

    • Analytics

    • Review management 

  • Making informed decisions 

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