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Short Term Rental Riches

Feb 21, 2023

Having a highly cash flowing short-term rental is not only liberating but it’s motivating. When the cash is rolling in, occupancy is staying high, and the times are good, it seems like there is nothing but blue skies ahead and your next STR is always in sight.

Until… something changes that stops you in your tracks. “I knew it was good to be true,” you mumble under your breath.

Your Airbnb is banned! An ordinance or regulation changes and you can no longer rent your property as you were. What do you do now? 

While visiting friends and fellow short-term rental owners in Lancaster, Pennsylvania we visited a beautiful wedding venue with a huge barn turned into four or five short-term rentals. The perfect cash flowing machine until the city shut him down. 

I have my own properties that have been restricted and it’s not fun. I want to talk about this week how you can handle changing times. Let's discuss:

  • Being proactive

  • Where the rules are blurry 

  • Four and a half back up options 

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