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Short Term Rental Riches

Oct 25, 2022

There are so many things to think about when we are getting ready to invest and start a short term rental (STR). I don’t claim to know all of them but after managing my over 21,000 guests my team and I have learned most of them.

There is one component, however, that can’t just be “taught” with a few words or checklists. One component that does, seriously, make or break your short term rental.

This week we are talking about the “Experience” your guests have. If you get it wrong it will show up in the form of negative reviews and you can kiss your high occupancy and high daily rates goodbye!

This is a serious topic; you can literally make twice as much as your neighboring short term rental (or half as much if you get this wrong).

As investors and owners though sometimes its hard to know what our guests might be experiencing. One way to get some better insight is to stay in other Airbnbs!

I just got back from a little over 5 weeks of traveling and I stayed in a whole bunch of different accommodations over 6 different countries and I want to touch on the subject.

This week I want to discuss five things you can do to add to your guest experience and five things you should not do! 

We will discuss:

  • What I learned from my recent travels
  • Why Airbnb puts so much emphasis on the experience
  • Who is getting the “experience” part right
  • Five things you can do now to improve your experience
  • Five things you do NOT want to be doing 

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