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Short Term Rental Riches

Jul 5, 2022

I’ve been investing for over 12 years and have not been particularly biased to any one type of real estate to invest in. I started my career as a commercial real estate broker working exclusively with investors and different real estate investment options. The small team I worked with completed over 2 billion (with a B) in real estate transactions including everything from shopping centers, to warehouses, to apartment buildings.

There are many, many different niches of real estate niches to invest in and within each “sector” of real estate lies even more sub-niches. Short-term rentals are just one sub-niche of the residential housing sector. 

You may say… hey Tim… short-term rentals are part of the hospitality sector! And you would be right if you were referring to just STRs used for vacations! But the fact is, people are living in short-term rentals now and they have become a mid-term option for many people.

So which type of real estate is the best to invest in? Short answer; it depends. It depends on your risk profile and your experience. It’s also helpful to be able to compare and contrast the various options.

So this week we’re going to make things simple and break down the risks and opportunities of just one of these niches (and my favorite as our listeners already know) and talk about investing in short-term rentals. This week we will have a rapid-fire list of the risks and opportunities as I see them with short-term rentals. Let’s discuss: 

  • Recap from 8 days with some of the smartest investors I know
  • STR strengths and weaknesses
  • Subtle opportunities (you probably haven’t thought of)
  • The future outlook for the industry (and economy)
  • What I’m doing in the current environment

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