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Short Term Rental Riches

Mar 29, 2022

As our team continues to grow (we work with 10 people full-time and close to 20 on a regular basis) it’s a lot to keep track of! So how do you stay organized and make the best, most efficient use of you and your team’s time? I’m always playing around with different programs and ideas but think I may have finally figured out a fail-proof system.  If you have people that you work with then this episode is for you.

I’ll break down my 3-piece formula for managing lots of people with a busy schedule. The formula helps to make sure that no notes or ideas are overlooked, progress is always being made, people are being held accountable, and perhaps the best thing about it… it takes hardly any time!

Tune in this week as we discuss three tools and how to use them to better manage the people you work with: 

  • A shared regular review page
    • Where to set it up and how to use it
  • Automated forms
    • Best questions to ask your team (automatically)
    • Bringing a bit of personal life into the work environment
  • Automatically tracking time and activity
    • Which tool to use and why it’s awesome

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