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Short Term Rental Riches

Mar 15, 2022

Are you getting what you paid for when it comes to purchasing a property? How do you actually know? After a recent (and quite hectic) visit to 7 cities in less than three weeks and meeting and viewing several properties I wanted to share some tips while they’re fresh in my mind. Inspections are super important especially if you are new to real estate - an unexpected sewer issue could cost you thousands of dollars for example! 

In today’s super-competitive market good properties are being snatched up right after they hit the market BUT that doesn’t mean the property is as described. Properties can be misrepresented and so by doing your property inspections you can decrease your chances of getting into an investment that is different from what you expected. It’s a necessary step for all real estate investors at any level so this week we’ll discuss: 

  • Ensuring you get what you're paying for
  • Interactions with your property inspector
  • An untapped source to your property’s history
  • The different types of inspections
  • Negotiating power

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