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Short Term Rental Riches

Jan 11, 2022

We can have a lackluster, shabby exterior on the outside but on the inside we can have a luxurious oasis retreat. Our furniture, the colors, the lighting, and the interior of our design shapes our space and thus shapes the experience our guests have.

But not all furniture items and decor are created equally and are so easy to decide on. Some are easy to find and source and take little to no thought. Like a plant or a clock on the wall for example. But one furniture item really sets the tone for your whole space. Or at least the space where you’re guests will likely spend most of their time…. And that is, the couch!

After the bed, your guests are likely spending the most time on this one furniture item and so it gets the most wear and tear and is the most susceptible to damage. Not just that, but it’s also a large item! So it’s the most expensive and sets the tone for your living area. We want to make sure we don’t mess this one up.

This week we’ll review a bit about this, sometimes, tricky furniture item and some tips to make sure your money is well spent. 


  • Why the couch is the most difficult item
  • Sizing your couch
  • Is it stain proof? 
  • What color should you get? 
  • Where to find your couches


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