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Short Term Rental Riches

Dec 21, 2021

Real estate is not a fair playing field. We make our money when we buy our property. If we take these two statements to heart then expanding our network as much as possible should be at the top of our priority list. The more people we know the more chance we have for deals to come along. Now the better opportunities tend to come along more in the commercial real estate world since the single family home space is so transparent online but not necessarily… and hey maybe if you’re in the SFR space right now and you want to branch out into bigger deals. Now is the time! To achieve something we’ve never done before we have to become someone that we have never been before and that’s much harder to do if we are unable to expand our network.

If you talk to the same people everyday you will likely be reinforcing the same ideas you’ve always had.

This week we’ll discuss expanding our network to get access to better deals.

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